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Why choose Private Instruction?

Working with a private instructor helps you understand music on a deeper level. Through fundamentals, guidance and inspiration, the right teacher can greatly improve a student's abilities. Lessons will boost your learning curve, motivation, time management and practicing skills while having fun at the same time.


Personally, my private lesson teachers have become valuable figures in my life and great friends for the future. My wish is to have a similar impact as a mentor, and to continue that tradition of the teacher-student relationship that is a necessity for growing minds.


My rates are as follows for

saxophone, clarinet and flute:


30 Minutes - $40

45 Minutes - $55

60 Minutes - $70

Email me for more information or to schedule your first lesson!

Studio Information for Students/Parents

As part of my studio, students will be offered all the tools necessary to develop and improve as a musician. Theory comprehension is an important part of lessons as well as technique and musicianship. Below is an outline of some skills that my students are encouraged to grasp.



Scales - major, minor (melodic, harmonic, natural), dominant/mixolydian, lydian, lydian dominant, diminished, whole-tone, altered, bebop, blues pentatonic and chromatic.

Triads - major, minor, diminished and augmented.

Arpeggios - in different variations.

Transposition - to and from different key areas and instrument families.

Reading Rhythms and Notes - understanding and recognizing rhythmic values and notational properties.


Scales - 36 scale routine, modal routine, in 3rds, 4ths, 5ths, 6ths, 7ths.

Arpeggios- 158 Mule Exercises. Tuning Arpeggio.

Articulation - Larry Teal exercises, Klose daily studies.

Altissimo - scales/etudes in extended range.

Diatonic Patterns - a number of patterns and ideas in different modes.

Intervallic Study - the use of chromatic passages and other exercises.



Harmonics - overtones, matching and scales.

Long Tones - various studies

Intonation - with drone and without.



Performance/Audition Anxiety.

REEDS - general information about sound production, care and maintenance.

Playing by ear - call and response.

Sight Reading - tools to practice.

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